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Courage Dear Heart | CS Lewis Quote | Narnia Art | Courage Quote | Cancer Survivor Gift

Courage Dear Heart | CS Lewis Quote | Narnia Art | Courage Quote | Cancer Survivor Gift

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Courage Dear Heart | CS Lewis Quote | Narnia Art | Courage Sign | Cancer Survivor Gift

A dear friend is battling cancer at the moment. My husband suggested I paint her a sign, to encourage her from afar and motivate her to keep fighting. This courage sign was the lovely result. Who wouldn't love a courage sign encouraging them to press on?

“Courage, Dear Heart” comes from a quote in C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia series, “Voyage of the Dawn Trader.” Lucy and others are on a boat entering dark waters around the Island Where Dreams Come True-- Not good dreams, nightmares. Panic sets in and they fear that they will never come out of the fear or darkness. In despair, Lucy whispers,” “Aslan… if ever you loved us, send help now.” After she whispers this, it says: “The darkness did not grow any less, but she began to feel a little … better.” Then Lucy hears a gentle whisper in reply: “Courage, dear heart.” And even though she cannot see him in that moment, she knows in her heart that Aslan is near.

It is my prayer that whoever sees this sign will know that although the darkness (and pain and fear) may not grow any less in the near future, the Lord will whisper courage into their heart and know that they are not forgotten or alone.

This "Courage, dear heart" sign would make a lovely gift for someone going through a difficult time, struggling, someone on the cusp of a life change, someone in need of encouragement and motivation, or even for someone just because. It is so difficult to know what to do when someone you love is faced with difficulty. This sign is a motivational and inspirational gift.

This simple, elegant sign would look great hanging on a wall or standing up on a mantle or bookshelf. My signs don't have a lot of embellishment; instead, I let the words speak for themselves.

Measuring 12" x 2.5", this sign is cut, sanded, stained and painted all by hand, all by me. No two signs are identical and since they are handmade, they are all perfectly imperfect. I don't use vinyl letters or stencils, only paint.

All of my signs come gift wrapped. If this is a gift for someone (other than yourself), simply let me know in the notes who the gift is for and I will calligraphy a gift tag with the recipient's name to put on top.

** If there is ANY issue with your order please contact me. My goal is to make you something amazing and to fully meet your expectations.

Thank you for visiting my shop. I hope you find something special to gift, to display and to love.

-Cara at Time and the Bell

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